Faberge egg coronation value

Faberge egg Coronation with a carriage Golden 2. Made in Russia. Faberge egg Coronation with a carriage Pink 2. Faberge egg Coronation with a carriage Red 2. Faberge egg Coronation with a carriage Turquoise 2.

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Faberge egg Coronation with a carriage Green 2. Faberge Egg Egg Yolk Chicken 3.

Imperial Coronation (Fabergé egg)

Faberge Egg Red Basket of flowers 2. Faberge Egg Green Laurel tree. Faberge Egg Red Danish Jubilee 5. Faberge Egg Turquoise Laurel tree. Faberge Collection Owl Jewelry Box 2. Faberge Egg Blue Danish Jubilee 5.

Official souvenirs from Russia valerij-championship Official Exclusive Faberge egg replica. Faberge egg Coronation with a carriage Green. Material: colored enamel, jewelry alloy, Swarovski crystals. Hand Made. Elegant gift box. Truly Russian artwork, in traditional style of the Faberge workshop.

Karl Faberge was favorite jeweler of the Russian Imperial Family. Decorated by enamel, gilt and faux jewels Swarovski. From the history: The original Coronation is a jewelry egg, one of fifty-two Imperial Easter eggs made by Carl Faberge for the Russian imperial family.

The egg was made in memory of the coronation ceremony of Nicholas II in This significant symbol of Russian history was presented as a gift to the Emperor's wife, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. The egg is one of the most famous Faberge products. Petersburg, as well as in many museums around the world as part of temporary exhibitions.Faberge eggs are ornamented eggs that were made by Carl Faberge and his company for the Russian Imperial Family from to The family lost many of these eggs during the Russian Revolution in From there, collectors and museums from all over the world got a hold of some of these eggs.

The Faberge community recognizes fifty imperial eggs. These unique eggs are among some of the most expensive and wanted pieces of art in the entire world. Perchin made the egg for Nicholas II, who wanted to give it to his wife, the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, as a present. This was the first egg ever presented from Nicholas to Alexandra. When you open the egg, you will see a yellow-enameled rosebud, in which two surprises placed. The surprises were a cabochon ruby pendant and a golden crown that had diamonds and rubies in it.

InViktor Vekselberg bought the egg as part of the Forbes Collection; this collection included other imperial eggs, as well as the Rose Bud Egg. Some people believe that this expensive Faberge egg could cost up to four million dollars. This was the first fabricated Faberge egg.

The Hen egg was made from a white enameled shell. When the casing opened, it revealed a very shiny gold yolk. The yolk can open to reveal a multicolored golden hen. The Hen itself can also open showing a replica of the imperial crown made of diamond and gold with a small ruby pendant.

Both surprises are missing and considered lost. Meaning that Peter Carl Faberge was tasked with creating a new Easter egg every single year. Viktor Vekselberg was the last person to buy it in ; the egg came with other expensive Faberge eggs as part of the Forbes Collection. George that was given to Emperor Nicholas II and his son. She was intended to receive the Karelian Birch Egg as well, but she never did. The egg itself was enameled with a green hue. The sides of the egg include the St.

Top 10 of the Most Expensive Faberge Eggs that You Cannot Afford to Buy

George crosses and medals.After being commissioned to create an Easter egg for the royal family of Russia inthe Imperials liked the result so much that further eggs were commissioned each year.

Each egg took a year or more to make, involving a team of highly skilled craftsmen, who worked in the greatest secrecy. The eggs became increasingly opulent and no expense was spared in their creation. For example, the egg made inThe Trans-Siberian Railway eggwas made of goldsilver, onyx and quartz and its inside was lined with velvet. Another patron Faberge served at the same time as the Imperial Romanovs was the Kelch family.

Alex Kelch was a wealthy industrialist who commissioned seven eggs for his wife during their marriage. They rivaled the Imperial eggs in beauty, ingenuity, and, of course, their precious stone extravagance.

faberge egg coronation value

Of the 50 known Imperial eggs, 43 have survived. This in turn opens to reveal a multi-coloured, superbly chased gold hen that also opens. Originally, this contained a minute diamond replica of the Imperial Crown from which a small ruby pendant egg was suspended. Unfortunately these last two surprises have been lost. Made in the Rococo style, the Peter the Great Egg celebrated the two-hundredth anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg in It is made of red, green and yellow gold, platinumrose-cut diamonds, rubiesenamel, rock crystal, and miniature watercolor portraits on ivory.

The Romanov Tercentenary Egg is made of gold, silver, rose-cut and portrait diamonds, turquoisepurpurine, rock crystal, Vitreous enamel and watercolor painting on ivory. The egg celebrates the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty, the three hundred years of Romanov rule from to The Order of St. George egg commemorates the Order of St. Very important Faberge collection belongs to the British Royal Family.

This collection Include three of the historic eggs. In by chance, an unidentified man bought it at a market in the U. Faberge expert Kieran McCarthy examined the object. To the joy and amazement of the art world and Faberge fans everywhere, he declared that it was the long-lost Third Imperial Easter Egg.

He claims never to have displayed them in his home, saying he bought them because they are important to Russian history and culture, and he believed them to be the best jewelry art in the world. In the same BBC documentary, Vekselberg revealed plans to open a museum to display the eggs in his collection.

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Nowadays, the amazing and legendary works of Imperial Egg are even more famous than a century ago, when they were created, and are considered to be the symbols of love and faithfulness. Choose your unique piece from the widest choice of Imperial Egg replicas in our inventory. Imperial Eggs. Moreover, this example of extraordinarily extravagant and absolutely exquisite fine jewelry making is a symbol of the opulence and extraordinary wealth the Russian Imperial Family wielded at its zenith.

The amazing eggs produced, were made from the most expensive and precious metals imaginable, coated with opaque, white enamel, and decorated with the finest gemstones and jewelry. The Eggs were made each year exclusively for the Imperial Family, who gave out the eggs as traditional gifts during the Easter season. The House of Faberge was also given the title of official imperial jewelers of the Royal Family, as they proceeded to fund the cost of all the future eggs.

While Carl Faberge was given completely free reign in how he was going to produce the eggs, the Imperial Family demanded that each egg should contain some kind of surprise. Though a mere two eggs were commissioned, entire legions of craftsmen and artists dedicated their talents to crafting the finest jeweled eggs imaginable. For example, one of the Eggs opened up to reveal a yolk, inside which nested a golden hen with ruby eyes.

Subsequently, opening up the hen, a mini diamond crown and a tiny ruby egg could be discovered! Currently, there are only 42 Faberge Eggs in existence.

These eggs have been hunted down by collectors, fetching astronomical prices at auctions. Many of the other Faberge Eggs have forever been lost to the sand dunes of time, history, and war. However, the tradition of the magnificent Imperial Egg is kept alive in the present day by modern firms and Saint-Petersburg Global Trade House is proud to present the best specimens to its customers. Faberge Eggs are some of the most exquisite objects ever created.

These world-famous works of art are inextricably linked to the Russian history. The idea for the Imperial eggs came about in the 18th century.

Back when Easter was the most important event for the Russian Orthodox Church, people would take hand-painted eggs to church, have them blessed, and then hand them out to their loved ones.

faberge egg coronation value

The beautifully simple enameled egg opened up to reveal the first surprise — a yellow gold "yolk. And inside the hen were two tiny gifts: a diamond miniature of the royal crown, and a tiny ruby egg pendant that could be hung on a necklace — both now lost to history. Maria Feodorovna was absolutely stunned and delighted with the gift. Their son, Emperor Nicholas II, continued the tradition, giving a precious egg to both his mother and his wife, Empress Alexandra Feodorovnaevery Easter.

The jeweled and ridged yellow gold Egg was encircled by colored gold garlands, suspended from cabochon blue sapphires, topped with rose diamond set bows. The original tripod pedestal has chased lion paw feet. The Imperial Egg has four oval "windows", each of which is closed by an oval door with a border of pearls. In the center of each door there is a diamond wreath supporting a number, a component of the number Behind each opening door there is a miniature on an ivory, representing the Abastumansky palace inthe Caucasus, where George, Emperor's and Empress' first son, spent most of his life.

The Imperial Egg is covered by transparent red enamel and lines of diamonds.

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At its apex the egg has a miniature portrait of the young Emperor under a table-cut diamond, and at its base the date The egg opens to reveal a hinged yellow rosebud, another symbol of the couple's love for one another.

The bud, in turn, originally contained two tiny surprises, a miniature replica of the Imperial crown, representing Alexandra's new life as the Empress of Russia, and a ruby Egg pendant hanging within it. Its outer shell is made of multi-colored gold, embellished with translucent yellow enamel and black enamel double-headed eagles, set with diamonds.

The Egg opens to reveal a removable miniature replica of the Imperial coach, used by Alexandra Feodorovna on her entry into Moscow for her coronation at the Uspensky Cathedral the year before. This golden egg stands on four cabriolet feet entwined with diamond-set foliage and is covered with pale pink enamel and a multitude of pearl- and diamond-set lilies of the valley sprays.

A pearl knob, when twisted, reveals this egg's surprise: portraits of Nicholas II and his two oldest daughters, Olga and Tatiana, framed in rose diamonds. Made of gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls, and transparent purple and opaque white enamel, the egg is supported by three slender pilasters and features enameled dial with the diamond-set Arabic numerals. At the stroke of the hour, a ruby-eyed rooster emerges crowing and flapping its wings from the top of the elaborately designed Imperial Egg.Welcome to Tatler.

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Imperial Eggs - Russian Eggs

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Made in Russia. Listed is a stunning limited edition reproduction of the Imperial Coronation Egg by Faberge. The egg was created of gold finished in a translucent yellow enamel guilloche and trellised with green-gold bands of laurel leafs fitted with jeweled and enameled imperial crests at each intersection. The top of the egg was fitted with a large portrait diamond with the bottom of the egg fitted with a smaller portrait diamond.

The "surprise" in the original egg was a miniature Coronation Coach of gold set with diamonds. The eggs came in a set featuring a flask of Parfum Imperial the flask of perfume belonging to this set was lost. The egg listed here features a shimmering emerald green enamel guilloche against a starburst design fitted with the trellis of laurel-leaf bands set with miniature jeweled and enameled Imperial Crests at each intersection.

The surprise is a golden coronation coach designed after the Imperial Coach created for Catherine the Great. This miniature coach is finished in 18K yellow gold and a sapphire blue enamel guilloche. Large created diamonds are fitted at both the top and bottom center of the egg. The egg measures approximately 5"H x 3. The egg is in superb condition - it's spectacular! It is now priced to sell! Buyer is responsible for all shipping and insurance charges, as applicable insurance will be added to the shipping charge shown.

Payment must be received within 24 hours of auction close to avoid termination of the transaction. International sales will be processed through Ebay's Global Shipping Program international shipping charges will be handled by Ebay - seller has no control over overseas shipping or duties or item declaration.

International buyers should be aware of all customs duties and international shipping costs prior to bidding. Please contact seller with any questions prior to bidding. This was part of a limited edition collection that featured green and blue enamel guilloche.

The original set came with a flask of Parfum Imperiale but this is not included with the set.Your cart is currently empty. Faberge egg, an ornamented egg made by the famous house of Faberge. The number of Faberge eggs are not exactly known for some are untraced or of unknown location.

The only itemized and most popular Faberge eggs are made for the Romanov Imperial family. There are fifty imperial eggs, the last two pieces are unfinished due to the start of World War I. Peter Carl Faberge is considered the greatest goldsmith during his times. The son of Gustav and Charlotte Faberge born in The name Faberge came from the old French word "favori," which means artisan or manufacturer.

faberge egg coronation value

His father was awarded Master Goldsmith and opened a jewelry shop in Saint Petersburg. He began his first jewelry shop just down the road from his father's old shop. He was a strict taskmaster. It was said that he would have two pieces beside his workmasters, a stamp, and a hammer. Either the jewelry would get a stamp of approval, or it is hammered and destroyed.

He had two prized workmasters. These are Henry Wickstrom and Mickhael Perkhin. They completed most of the Imperial Easter egg ever made. Alexander III was very impressed with Faberge's artworks that he granted him a royal warrant making him goldsmith to the imperial crown. This, in turn, allows him to stamp the Romanov crest.

Most artworks of the house of Faberge were considered derivative, inspired by what Faberge had already seen on display except for the winter egg. The winter egg was one of the imperial eggs that resurfaced in that was found in a shoebox resting under a bed in London.

Some of the eggs that denote the true meaning of Easter are the Hen egg ofthe imperial resurrection egg ofand the winter egg ofand the Red Cross egg of A typical Easter egg made by the house of Faberge would have the mark of Faberge, the year of production and the monogram of the receiver engraved on a diamond, positioned on top of the egg.

Most eggs are made from an enameled gold shell, but some are carved from a block lapis lazuli, rock crystals, silver, and later even steel. The imperial egg was initially made to look straightforward, with surprises concealed inside. An egg to symbolize fertility and the resurrection of Christ, like how Mary Magdalene showed an egg to the then king, but as the king laugh, the egg turned into red, which signifies the resurrection of Christ.

The tsar gave a test to Faberge and another famous jeweler, they were to make a replica of the double-headed bracelet.

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Upon submission, the jewelry was thoroughly examined and found no fault on Faberge's piece. Faberge then was tasked to create the Easter egg to surprise his wife, Maria.

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