Blohm and voss aircraft

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The first of several prototypes flew on 11 October and they saw some service in other roles during the Second World War. Like its predecessor, it had four engines mounted on a low inverted gull monoplane wing, high horizontal stabilizerand a double vertical tail. This transverse tube divided internally into five sections also acted as a fuel tank.

The center wing was metal-covered while the outer wings were fabric-covered. There were six hydraulically -operated flaps in the mid-wing. The fuselage was of metal and had an approximately circular cross-section. Each main landing gear leg had dual wheels and was fully retractable, as was the tail wheel. The landing gear was hydraulically lowered and retracted.

Four prototypes, V1 through V4, were built. These aircraft were trialed by Lufthansa and used briefly in the postal service. However, the outbreak of World War II ended further development of the civilian project. Soon after the start of World War II, it was proposed to convert the four prototypes to long-range maritime patrol aircraft.

V2 underwent a trial modification. It was fitted with an extended nose section with extensive glazing like the Heinkel He H-6defensive armament a 7. However, their performance was disappointing, and after only a few missions they were withdrawn from service in Aircraft V3 and V4 were used as transport aircraft for the occupation of Denmark and in the Norway campaign with the KGr.

The ultimate fate of V3 and V4 is unknown. Data from [1]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. London: Aerospace Publishing Limited. Green, William. Warplanes of the Third Reich. London: Macdonald and Jane's Publishers Ltd. Smith J. Richard and Kay, Anthony. German Aircraft of the Second World War. Townend, David R. Markham: Aerofile Publications, Wood, Tony and Gunston, Bill. London: Salamander Books Ltd. List of RLM aircraft designations.Inthe German Air Ministry — the Reichsluftfahrtministerium RLM — issued a specification for a single-engine reconnaissance aircraft with optimal visual characteristics.

The preferred contractor was Arado with the Arbut the prototype proved unsuccessful. Richard Vogt was the uniquely asymmetric BV The Plexiglas -glazed crew gondola on the starboard side strongly resembled that found on the Fwand housed the pilot, observer and rear gunner, while the fuselage on the port side led smoothly from the BMW N [1] [a] radial engine to a tail unit.

At first glance, the placement of weight would have induced tendency to rollbut the weight was evenly supported by lift from the wings. In terms of thrust vs drag asymmetry, the countering of induced yaw was a more complicated matter.

At low airspeed, it was calculated to be mostly alleviated because of a phenomenon known as P-factorwhile at normal airspeed it proved to be easily controlled with trimming.

The tailplane was symmetrical at first, but in the B it became asymmetrical — starboard tailplane virtually removed — to improve the rear gunner's fields of view and fire. Three prototypes and an evaluation batch of five BV As were produced, backed personally by Ernst Udetbut the RLM decided on 4 April that they were underpowered, although it was also noted they otherwise exceeded the requirements.

By the time a batch of 12 BV Bs were built with the more powerful BMW engines, they were too late to make an impression, as the RLM had already decided to put the Fw into production. Indeed, an urgent need for BMW engines for use in the Fw fighter aircraft reduced the chance of the BV B being produced in quantity. Vogt came up with several other asymmetric designs, including the piston-jet P. Several wrecked BV s were found by advancing Allied forces. One was captured by British forces and sent to England for examination.

No examples survive today. Contrary to much that has been written, [ citation needed ] [b] all 20 BV Bs ordered were produced and delivered. The first to have BMW engine. About 2 m longer and 2 m wider than A Data from [ citation needed ]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. BV BV B featuring its asymmetrical gondola and tailplane. Green, William. Warplanes of the Third Reich 4th impression ed. London: Macdonald and Jane's,pp.Founded in Hamburg in to specialise in steel-hulled ships, its most famous product is the World War II battleship Bismarck.

In the s its owners established the Hamburger Flugzeugbau aircraft manufacturer which, shortly before the outbreak of World War II, adopted the name of its parent company. The company also carries out related activities, managing a dockyard in Hamburg and undertaking maintenance and repair of large cruise ships.

Blohm and Voss Bv 141

Since the acquisition, it has been concentrated in three areas: warships new constructioncruise ships and merchants repairs and "yacht refitting". Shipbuilding was at that time dominated by the British, with even German customers preferring to buy from them. Eventually the first new-build order arrived for the small cargo paddle-steamer Burgand the business took off. Bythe company had gained a reputation for quality and punctuality and was prospering.

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Initially, their products were steel-hulled sailing ships designed for long sea voyages. At that time steamships had a relatively short range, while many of the advantages of steel construction still applied to sailing ships as much as to steam.

The company built its first steamship inwhile still continuing to build sailing ships until the late s. When Hermann Blohm died, his two sons Rudolf and Walther took over. Ernst Voss left soon afterwards. By this time the company was in financial crisis, so the Blohm brothers diversified into aircraft, setting up the Hamburger Flugzeugbau see below in the summer of With the rise of the Nazi Party to power inGermany began to rearm and both companies became increasingly involved in the programme.

The shipyard built both civilian craft and warships for the government, including the battleship Bismarckbefore manufacturing U-boats in quantity. In a subcamp of Neuengamme concentration camp was set up at the company's shipyard in Hamburg-Steinwerder. A memorial stands on the site of the camp and the company continues to pay an undisclosed amount to the Fund for Compensation of Forced Laborers. Steinwerder was badly damaged during the bombing of Hamburg in World War II and at the end of it, shipbuilding was forbidden.

Its owners, brothers Rudolf and Walther Blohm, decided to diversify into aircraft manufacture, believing that there would soon be a market for all-metal, long-range flying boatsespecially with the German state airline Deutsche Luft Hansa.

Blohm \u0026 Voss BV 141 - One of WW2's Oddest Planes - History and Overview

They also felt that their experience with all-metal marine construction would prove an advantage. They formed the Hamburger Flugzeugbau that summer.

The first planes it produced were designated with the official RLM company code "Ha". Its most significant designs were flying boatsmainly used by the Luftwaffe for maritime patrol and reconnaissance. Largest of all was the BV prototype, the largest aircraft built by any of the Axis forces. Other notable types include the asymmetric BVwhich was built in moderate numbers but did not enter production. At the end of the war, aircraft production was shut down.

It underwent various further changes of ownership and company name, [10] eventually becoming part of Airbus. Its shipyard fortunes began to revive in when the new company was allowed to restart ship repair work and the City of Hamburg subsequently guaranteed it credit.

By some workers were back in employment. In it took over neighbouring shipbuilder H.Some types therefore carry designations for more than one name. Many of the company's design studies were never built but are nevertheless of significant technical or historical interest. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Hidden categories: Harv and Sfn no-target errors Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Development of Messerschmitt Me Development of the propeller-driven P BV L10 Friedensengel. BV L11 Schneewittchen. Alternative to the Ha Twin-boom trimotor.

blohm and voss aircraft

Alternative to P 12 and P Scaled-up to become the Ha Navalised Ha P 11a modified with floats. Conventional trimotor. Alternative to P 8 and P Twin-hulled, four-engined. Reconnaissance-bomber variant of Ha Predecessor to Ha Re-engined BV Twin-boom BV replacement. Alternatives were P and Asymmetric BV replacement. Twin-hull BV replacement.

Shipboard or parasite. High aspect ratio, four engines. Alternative to P Work started on the design inbut the design went through a protracted development period and was still under construction when World War II ended. The saga of the BV began at Messerschmitt in the spring of At that time, it was known under the designation of Meand was a company proposal for a carrier-based single-seat fighter.

The Me was intended to be based aboard the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelinthen under construction. In the interest of economy and simplicity, the Me was to use as many Messerschmitt Bf components as possible, being basically a navalized version of the earlier Messerschmitt fighter. The fuselage was more-or-less that of the standard Bf G, but with an entirely new wing. The undercarriage retracted inwards into wing wells, providing the wider track required for safe carrier landings.

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Standard naval equipment such as folding wings, catapult spools, and arrester gear were to be fitted. Detail design of the Me was complete by Sept However, the numerous delays in the Graf Zeppelin seemed to indicate that the completion of the carrier would be at least two years away. Messerschmitt was told to shelve the Me project for the indefinite future. Work on the Graf Zeppelin carrier was eventually abandoned.

In order that all of that work on the Me project not go entirely to waste, Messerschmitt adapted its design in November to match a Luftwaffe requirement for a fast single seat bomber. All of the carrier equipment and most of the armament was removed from the aircraft.

Additional fuel tanks were provided and an elongated, non-retractable tailwheel was added to provide ground clearance for the large bomb.

blohm and voss aircraft

The proposal was designated Me A. By the end ofthe increasing number of USAAF bombing raids and intelligence coming in about the new American B bomber led the Luftwaffe to envisage a pressing need for an effective high-altitude interceptor. Messerschmitt adapted its design to this requirement under the designation Me B.

The engine was to be the DBwhich was basically a DB A with a two-stage mechanical supercharger with an induction cooler. A pressurized cabin was to be provided. However, the Technische Amt concluded that a DB A engine with an exhaust-driven turbosupercharger was more promising. This engine change required that the fuselage be elongated in order to house the turbosupercharger aft of the pressure cabin.

Blohm & Voss BV 141

Exhaust gases were carried to the turbosupercharger via external ducts. Air was drawn in through via a ventral trough aft of the wing. Standard Bf G wings were to be fitted outboard of a new, long-span, untapered wing center section.

Other parts were scavenged from existing Messerschmitt designs — the vertical tail was from the Meand the horizontal tail and the undercarriage were taken from the Bf G. Friction between the two teams got steadily worse. In Septemberan order for five prototypes was placed. A meeting was called to finally address these problems, but the Messerschmitt people didn't bother to show up. By this point, the T-Amt was just as fed up, and removed Messerschmitt from the project entirely.

The design, now named the BV Awas finally completely in the hands of one design team. They also changed details of many other parts of the plane, including new landing gear from the Ju 87 and a new tail unit. Further wind tunnel testing showed that there was a serious problem with the overwing radiators, at high angles of attack the wing "blanked" them from the airflow and cooling would suffer.

The decision was made to abandon the A model completely and move on. The wing center section was redesigned. Two large radiators were mounted over the wing trailing edges at the extremities of the center section.Originally developed under the company name of Hamburger Flugzeugbauthe type was initially designated the Ha Its appearance was unique in its combination of unusual design features with its twin boom tail unit, short fuselage and trimotor engine configuration.

The short hull, with its hydrodynamic step beneath and flat sides, earned it the nickname, " Fliegender Holzschuh " the flying clog. Three piston engines were used. The central engine was mounted above the wing, driving a four-blade propellerwhile the wing engines were lower, with three-blade propellers.

The engine cowlings also had an atypical appearance, due to the unique nature of the vertical orientation of the six-cylinder opposed-piston Jumo diesel engines, and resembled the cowlings of 4 or 6-cylinder inverted inline engines found on smaller civil and utility aircraft from the Jumo 's propshaft placement, emerging forward at the uppermost front end of the powerplant.

The booms of the twin tail unit, much like the smaller Focke-Wulf Fw twin-engined reconnaissance monoplane, extended horizontally from the rear of the outer engine nacelles. For hydrodynamic reasons, the hull featured a distinct "turn-down", or "beak" at the stern.

In all, examples of standard service variants of the BV were built. The first such variant, BV C-1began service in March Some examples of the BV were adapted to specialized roles. No complete BV s remain in existence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

London: Crecy. Green, William. Publishers Ltd. Warplanes of the Third Reich. London: Macdonald and Jane's Publishers Ltd. Ledwoch, Janusz. Bv Wydawnictwo Militaria 64 in Polish. Warszaw, Poland: Wydawnictwo Militaria, Nowarra, Heinz J. Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

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blohm and voss aircraft

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