Artistic heritage of jammu and kashmir

The union territory boasts a number of massive forts, exquisite palaces, along with some impressive gardens and ancient temples and mosques as heritage sites for tourists to get an idea about the grandeur of architecture and history. Both Jammu and Kashmir regions enjoy different architecture styles, and thus, the two regions are quite interesting to visit on a heritage tour.

The heritage sites in Jammu region include Hindu temples, a Buddhist site, and a tomb along with many forts and palaces. Mubarak Mandi is another popular historical palace in Jammu that sheds light on its rich heritage. Once the royal residence of Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir from Dogra dynasty, it is a magnificent blend of Rajasthani and Mugahl architecture. The ancient Bahu Fort in Jammu is yet another important monument to see on a heritage tour in Jammu.

Dating back to about years ago, the fort also boasts a famous temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, Bawey Wali Mata temple, which is another top site to see in Jammu. Amar Mahal Palace is another historically important attraction in Jammu which boasts fine architecture. It has been converted to a museum that exhibits the golden throne made of kg of pure gold on which Maharaja Amar Singh used to sit.

The museum also houses a library that preserves 25, books on varied subjects. Kashmir is dotted with a large number of heritage sites that include not only palaces and gardens but also Buddhist ruins, mosques as well as Hindu Temples. Amongst the top heritage attractions in Kashmir region is Pari Mahal, also known as the Abode of Fairies.

Sheesh Mahal in Srinagar is another must visit tourist attraction in Kashmir that reflects its glorious heritage. It is named so for its exquisite mirror work. Hari Parbat Fort is another fine example of Kashmiri architecture.

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artistic heritage of jammu and kashmir

Pari Mahal. Tulip Garden. Vaishno Devi Temple. Shankracharya Temple. Jama Masjid. Jammu City.Kashmir is a paradise with one of the most enchanting and beautiful natural locales you can find anywhere in the world.

Since millennia it has attracted people from the North, West, South and East. The result is that the region has evolved a distinctive culture, a blend of Central Asia, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh traditions. Kashmiri is the language and the State has evolved music, dance styles and cuisines unique and identifiable. Though the state of Jammu and Kashmir is considered as one, three separate cultures prevail; one in the Kashmir valley known as Kashmiri culture; another predominantly Sikh and Hindu in Jammu and Buddhist overtones in Ladakh region.

Kashmiris today are descendants of Turks, Afghans, Iran and Central Asia and as such have their culture infused with the original culture of these places. Generally Kashmiris are light skinned and have eye color ranging from brown to grey to blue and black. There are Hindus and Muslims, each following time honored cultures and traditions, reflected in lifestyles, music, food, dress and art. The Pandits are Kashmiri Hindus and lead a simple lifestyle. They are generous and warm hearted.

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Muslims are divided into Sunnis and Shias, both co-existing amicably. The Gujjars are the hill tribes of Kashmir, variously believed to have settled here either from Rajasthan or from Georgia in Central Asia.

Another ethnic group is the Hanjis who mostly are to be found on the rivers and lakes of Kashmir. The Bakarwals, like the gujjars, are nomadic and herd cattle. Then you have the Dards to be found only in the valley of Gurez. Most Kashmiris, even Hindus, are non-vegetarian with rice and lamb featuring significantly in their diet. Lotus stalks, turnips and Karam Sag are the favorite vegetables and the kahva, a brew of green tea enriched with spices, is the popular beverage.

Another variety of tea is made with Tea leaves and milk with salt added for taste. The cuisine here has distinctive overtones of Persian, North Indian and Central Asian cuisines with a local touch. Mutton is the mainstay, prepared in over 30 different ways using oils, spices and yoghurt with plenty of tomatoes, garlic and onions.

Vegetarian dishes of Kashmir use Paneer, potatoes, lotus stem, kidney beans and spinach. When it comes to sweet dishes and delicacies, Kashmiris use plenty of dry fruits and nuts.

What others call feast or davit, the Kashmiri term as Wazwan, a spread of exquisite dishes prepared by a master chef. A typical menu would include Korma of mutton, sheekh kabab, lamb cooked in oil, milk and curds known as Gushtaba and Fish kababs. The Pheran is a typical Kashmiri dress, different in styles as worn by Hindu and Muslim women. It is a loose gown that comes down to below the knees.

The pheran of a muslim woman is more elaborately embroidered and knee length whereas that of a hindu woman reaches to her ankles and the sleeves have brocade embellishments.

Churidar, Pyjama, shalwar Kameez, skull caps and taranga are the other items of apparel of this region. This is unique to Kashmir and sets it apart from the rest of India. The Kangri is an open clay pot set in a willow basket with a carrying handle. The purpose is to fill the clay pot with hot coal and use it to keep oneself warm in the bitter winter chill. It is only to be expected that a fusion of diverse cultures would give rise to a variety of colorful and energetic folk dances and music.

Kashmir does have a few unique to the region. The Chakri is most popular, making use of Rabab, Sarangi and Garaha in olden days but now relies mainly on the harmonium. The Bhand Pather is folk art and theatre, lampooning social traditions, usually performed by over 10 artists to the accompaniment of song and dance. The mystic Sufis too left an indelible mark on Kashmir and Sufi music is popular in the region, using the Santoor, Saz, Tabla and Sitar to accompany a group of kawwals and, in some cases, a dancer.

Men of the Wattal area perform the Dumhal folk dance whereas the women perform Rouff. The dancers wear long colorful robes and headgear and perform to music and songs. When you think of Kashmir you think of Pashmina Shawls made from the finest wool in a typical style said to have been brought here from Persia. The fineness is due to the use of hair of the Ibex, a mountain goat found at high altitudes, used in making this expensive apparel.Kashmiri handicrafts is a traditional art of Kashmiri people and artisans who make, craft, and decorate objects by hand.

SrinagarGanderbaland Budgam are the main districts in central Kashmir which are making handicrafts products since ages. The rest of its districtsincluding Srinagar, Ganderbal, and Budgam are best known for its cultural heritage which extends handicraft industry in the state of Jammu and KashmirIndia. The artistry of Kashmir with Palkis, bedsheets, trunks, inkstands, boxes, and spoons was famous all over India, furthermore, shawl making was exceptional.

Kashmiris make different types of handicraft products with simple items and materials traditionally. Handicraft is a source of living for many artisans in Kashmir. It is based primarily on paper pulp, and is a richly decorated, colourful artifact; generally in the form of vases, bowls, or cups with and without metal rimsboxes, trays, bases of lamps, and many other small objects.

Kashmir walnut wood carving is a craft of fine wood carving. The Juglans regia tree that grows widely in Kashmir region is used for wood carving, and Kashmir is one of a few places for availability of walnut trees. Kashmir was the center for woolen materials.

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Various kinds of shawlscarpets, and rugs were the popular textile materials of Kashmir. Shawls have been a foreign import to Kashmir by Muslim craftsmen from Turkestan as late as the 15th century.

Persian masters were brought by the third Mughal emperor Akbar, that improved the local craft and techniques of shawl and carpet weaving. The Kashmir shawl is a type of shawl distinctive for its Kashmiri weave, and traditionally made of shahtoosh or pashmina wool.

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References [8] [9]. The majority of the woollen fabrics of Kashmir, and particularly the best quality shawls, were and are still made of Pashm or Pashminawhich is the wool of Capra hircusa species of the wild Asian mountain goat.

artistic heritage of jammu and kashmir

Hence the shawls came to be called Pashmina. The Emperor Akbar was a great admirer of the shawls of Kashmir. It was he who began the fashion of wearing them in duplicate, sewn back to back, so that the under surfaces of the shawls were never seen. During that time the most desired shawls were those worked in gold and silver thread or shawls with border ornamented with fringes of gold, silver and silk thread.

The Do-shalaas the name designates "two-shawl"are always sold in pairs, there being many varieties of them. In the Khali-matan the central field is quite plain and without any ornamentation.

Kani shawl is another type of Kashmir shawl originating from the Kanihama area of Kashmir.The cultural blend of Jammu and Kashmir is different from the rest of the country which is multifaceted and multicolored.

Being a little geographically isolated the state sports varied ethical and social entities that add to the beauty of this pristine land. The diversity of the various cultures that prosper in the state has created an over-reigning harmony among the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from being famous for its scenic beauty, Jammu and Kashmir is also abundant in art, culture and crafts that are specific to the state.

The rich cultural heritage which is the result of the ancient history of the state blends in with the serenity and beauty of the region. During the Indo-Aryanic civilization, the state was the highest learning centre of Sanskrit and Persian.

Even with so many diverse cultures, there is harmony among the people encouraging peaceful living in the state.

Here is more about the cultural ethnicity of Jammu and Kashmir. Arts and crafts of Jammu Kashmir are very classy.

artistic heritage of jammu and kashmir

Some of the famous art and craft items are Woven carpets, Silver and copperware, silk carpets, rugs, woolen shawls, pottery and kurtas that have beautifully embroidered designs and patterns.

Shikaras are exquisitely decorated traditional boats are made of wood. The woolen shawls are the most famous made from the fines quality Pashimina which are of two types the loom shawl and the embroidered shawls. Khatam-band is a kind of Kashmir woodwork that is used to decorate ceilings of rooms. It is made from thin panels of pine wood, designed into geometrical patterns. The harvest season is an important time when the state resonates with the Dance, music and songs of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kudd is the popular dance of the upland dwellers that is performed at night after the seeds are sowed and other irrigation work is done. Phummian is another type of folk dance which is performed during spring when the flowers are in full bloom. The Punjab folk dance Bhangra is the famous dance performed at weddings and harvest season.

Another dance is the Hafiza which is common at wedding celebrations. Ruf is a form of group singing-dancing by men and women. The Dambaeli is danced to the tune of naghara and suranai.The built heritage of Jammu dates back to the 2nd century AD.

Culture & Heritage

The important historical and heritage sites of Jammu are:. Built like a French Chateau on a hill overlooking the river Tawi, is a beautiful palace of red sand stone which stands amidst most picturesque horizons of Jammu. Once the residential palace of Raja Amar Singh, the palace has been converted into a museum and is looked after by Hari-Tara Charitable Trust. The museum has the golden throne on which Maharaja used to sit, which is made up of kg pure gold.

The museum has a gallery of paintings and a library in which about 25, books on various subjects and disciplines have been presented.

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It was refurbished by the Dogra rulers in the 19th century. The fort is a religious place and within its precincts is a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, the presiding deity of Jammu.

Art & Crafts in Jammu & Kashmir

Just beneath the fort is the terraced Bagh-e-Bahu Garden laid in the style of Mughal gardens which affords panoramic view of the Jammu city and underground fish aquarium. The Fort was built during the early 19th century and commands a towering view along the right bank of the Chenab. The present fort was probably started in AD at the behest of Raja Tegh Singh, as an autonomous principle state. A devastating famine is said to have broken in the country during this time. He supplied food to the workers for 2 years and thus saved the principality His son Alam Singh completed the Akhnoor fort in On the eastern side, there are steps leading down to the River Chenab.

Though constructed in the 18th century, most of the steps are in a good state of preservation. The ghat served as the important spot for performance of religious sites by the people of the region. There are traces of paintings on the walls of the rooms of the fort. Ambaran ,also locally known as Pambaran, is a village of Akhnoor tehsil in Jammu district and is said to have been founded by Amba Jagdev Pawar.

A scion of Pawar dynasty of Dhar Ujjain which seems to have been the original capital of Akhnoor. It was named Ambari after the family diety Amba, one of the names of goddess Durga. The name got changed gradually into Ambaran. Ambaran is the eighth place in the world, where relics of Buddha have been found in a stupa. Historians are of the opinion that the place might have been an important centre of Buddhism between the 1st and 7th century B.

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Culture of Kashmir

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artistic heritage of jammu and kashmir

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Heritage of Jammu & Kashmir

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