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As you may know, I have this odd talent of drawing a map of all fifty United States from memory. Turns out that not only can I draw, I can color too!!! It took me four full days to fill in this sucker till they called the election on Nov. So, I sent the thing to this artisan letterpress shop where they cre The former Republican operative confesses that he helped elect the scum of the earth. I also tear Hawley, Cruz, et al, a new one. Find out here:.

al franken podcast store

Order now! On The Podcast - How bad a lawyer is Rudy? Top Dem. Election Lawyer Marc Elias: " Not good. So, I slammed a door to scare him away. Mine: Fart Doctor. A report from the ground.

This week on The Podcast. Report from the ground in GA. This week on the Podcast, D. This wk. Here she discusses their ground game in Georgia, noting that 50, young people of color have turned 18 since Nov 3!

Op-Ed: Good luck, President-elect Biden. You’ll need it.

This week on The Podcast — a great one, for a change. Maria Teresa Kumar on their remarkable work this cycle.By Bob Fredericks.

al franken podcast store

July 22, pm Updated July 22, pm. Former Sen. Leeann Tweeden, a conservative talk-radio host, had accused Franken of having forced an unwanted kiss on her during a USO tour, and several other women came forward with lurid tales of the Democrat forcibly kissing or fondling them.

But others do, including Sen. Patrick Leahy D-Vt. It was made in the heat of the moment, without concern for exactly what this was. And Sen. Tammy Duckworth D-Ill. Franken quit on Dec. Read Next. Hong Kong police criticized for failing to stop attacks on This story has been sharedtimes.

View author archive email the author Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Al Franken Getty Images. More On: al franken.

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Read Next Hong Kong police criticized for failing to stop attacks on Share Selection. Mike Pence fights back tears, thanks Trump in farewell speech. Clyburn says Bush called him 'the savior' for Biden endorsement. Biden put on a show of 'unity' — will he stick to it? Chrissy Teigen slammed for 'tone deaf' inauguration tweet. Mitch McConnell's betrayal hurts the nation: Goodwin.Disgraced former Sen. Al Franken D. Franken, who was pressured to resign in following multiple accusations of sexual misconduct and groping, officially launched "The Al Franken Podcast" with a 6-minute trailer that included short excerpts.

I have a new podcast and it's great, but don't take my word for it. Alexa, what's your favorite podcast? It's informative and very funny," said Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant device. Franken rose to fame as a comedian, although a USO comedy tour led to his downfall because he took photos with his hands over a woman's breasts while she slept.

He has stayed involved in some Democratic issues, however, opining that the party needs to fight harder against President Donald Trump's judicial nominees. The podcast trailer featured a portion of Franken's interview with Kumar, where they discussed voter suppression in Texas. Franken and Kumar were talking about how Texas residents can vote using their gun license, but not their college IDs. He was a mathematics prodigy who turned to revolutionary ideology, and he wrote extensively about his theories on society and the future.

Franken ‘Absolutely’ Regrets Resigning From The Senate

Subscribe to our Morning Beacon Newsletter.While Trump has sought to exploit divisions along racial, religious and philosophical lines — stoking grievances, suspicion and sometimes violence — Biden keeps telling us he wants to bring Americans together.

Limbaugh had been first to exploit a little-noticed repeal of the Fairness Doctrine by the Federal Communications Commission. Adopted inthe rule required broadcasters to present controversial issues in a fair and balanced manner. Before long, Limbaugh had attracted an audience of 20 million a day by spewing wildly racist, xenophobic and sexist bile and wildly untrue twaddle about everything from climate to tobacco to the number of murders committed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Like Father Coughlin, who regaled his millions of loyal radio listeners with anti-Semitic and isolationist propaganda in the lead-up to World War II, Limbaugh became a huge political force.

After the midterms, when House Republicans were swept into the majority for the first time in 40 years, the new speaker, Newt Gingrich, named Rush an honorary member of the class of Trump valued his cult of personality even more than the office he held. Without Limbaugh, there would be no President Trump. A true master of radio, Limbaugh had a short-lived TV show. Purporting to provide a balance to the liberal mainstream media, Fox built a huge, rabid audience by relentlessly attacking Democratic administrations and functioning as state TV for President Trump.

Early in the pandemic, Hannity told his audience that the coronavirus was a hoax.

al franken podcast store

But while denizens of the more sober, rational universe can sample Fox and see for themselves what that right-wing universe looks like, the internet and social media platforms have created a more opaque world for far more extreme and untethered worldviews to fester and grow. Stephen K. Bannon, the former Breitbart News executive chairman who lately literally called for Dr. The Twitter phenomenon QAnon has followers who are winning seats in Congress.

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Democrats can either protect Americans from coronavirus or not.

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They can prevent catastrophic global warming or not. Four years ago, many Americans were puzzled to learn that a not-small number of Trump supporters believed that a not-small number of Democrats were blood-sucking pedophiles holding children captive in the basement of a Washington pizza parlor. Going into election day, Democrats, independents and Republican Lincoln Project types were convinced by polls that Biden was poised to win a mandate to restore some normalcy and competence to our governance.

To draw on the expertise and professionalism of those who have dedicated their lives to public service. To include more citizens from all walks of life to address systemic racism and economic inequality. And to look to science to conquer the coronavirus. Then again, Donald Trump received the second most.

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You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Op-Ed: My grandmother was named Kamala. And now, so is my vice president.Convert listeners into buyers anywhere, anytime with the convenience of Podbean Premium.

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More Episodes Former U. Top Dem. The Ground Game in Georgia! SuperPundit Norm Ornstein on the Election Montana Sen. Get this podcast on your phone, FREE. Create your podcast in minutes Full-featured podcast site Unlimited storage and bandwidth Comprehensive podcast stats Integrate with iTunes and Google store Make money with your podcast Get started It is Free.Franken resigned his seat after Leeann Tweeden and seven other women accused him of sexual harassment.

Franken said at the time that the allegations were false, and he repeats that in The New Yorker article. Both Franken and Tweeden had called for an independent investigation at the time, but none was conducted before fellow Democrats forced Franken to resign three weeks after Tweeden made her claims. Tweeden alleged in that Franken told her during a USO tour to entertain soldiers in that he had written a comedy skit with her in mind that required her to kiss him.

She said Franken forcibly kissed her and stuck his tongue in her mouth during a rehearsal of the sketch before they performed it in Afghanistan. Both told the magazine that they had performed the same role as Tweeden on earlier tours with Franken and that there was nothing inappropriate about his behavior.

Tweeden also released a photo showing Franken, who was then a comedian, reaching out toward her breasts, as if to grope her, as she slept in a flak jacket while on a military aircraft during the USO tour. Tweeden declined to comment for The New Yorker article. They are Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, now-former Democratic Sen.

Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, independent Sen. Angus King of Maine, Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida. Some Democratic donors have turned away from Gillibrand because of that, hurting her bid for the presidency. Mark Dayton who had been serving as his lieutenant governor. Smith won a special election in and is running in for a full six-year term. Several Republicans are weighing bids to challenge her. Get the Latinx Files newsletter for stories that capture the multitudes within our communities.

You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. The Associated Press is an independent, not-for-profit news cooperative headquartered in New York City. Biden is poised to freeze new oil, gas and coal leases on federal land, sources say.

al franken podcast store

The move would block the sale of new mining and drilling rights across some million acres of federal land. It might also block offshore oil and gas leasing.By Nikki Schwab, Senior U. Political Reporter For Dailymail. Al Franken delivered an extended comedy bit at the Politicon conference in Nashville Saturday night, peppering his remarks with impressions of his former Senate colleagues and digs at President Trump. The meandering speech was part of a series of appearances Franken has been making to resurrect his career in the face of MeToo allegations.

And those came up, with a well-coiffed protester wearing a double-breasted suit and sporting a pompadour hairstyle interrupting Franken to scream that he was a 'predator. Former Sen. Al Franken delivered a meandering comedy bit at Politicon as he tries to resurrect his career after leaving the Senate due to sexual harassment allegations. Al Franken peppered his remarks with impressions of his former Senate colleagues and digs at Republicans including President Trump and Sen.

Ted Cruz. He said he was doing some work on causes he cared about - like getting service dogs for veterans with PTSD, and he was podcasting. He said he originally wanted to do a podcast on barbeque, with a focus on brisket, but even that genre was oversaturated.

Al Franken does impressions of his ex-colleagues and is called a 'predator' by a protester

Is there anyone here from my staff? Seeing no one, he said, 'good.

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He talked about all the work and effort the former special counsel put into the Russia investigation. But then Trump gets on the phone with the president of Ukraine and asks for, as Franken put it, a 'quid pro quo. Listening and taking notes,' he said. About halfway through the set, a well dressed white man started shouting down Franken. Franken has slowly stepped back into the spotlight since his December resignation from the Senate.

He started podcasting in Novemberwhich turned into a weekly SiriusXM radio show this September. Franken spoke at two events in his home state of Minnesota, according to the Star Tribuneand then headed west to speaking engagements in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

Al Franken on Letterman

While the show went on, there was a small protest outside the venue.

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